Companies can spend millions to influence how people perceive their brand – and even more so after an unwanted media event or reputation crisis.


Be the top thing people talk about or think about. Spark a conversation. Change local society. And if things go wrong, get back on track. Worldacquire has a team with world class talent in brand, media and reputation management as well as in managing crisis situations. 


How to control your brand power?


Worldacquire can help you with:


  • • Global brand positioning
  • • Competitive strategy
  • • Online perception management
  • • Social listening and sentiment analysis
  • • Crisis and reputation management
  • • Compliance and political advice


In the digital era no one decisively controls the perception space and customers have access to a myriad of social media and online review websites. When a bad review is written online, it’s not just your reputation that is at stake, but also your immediate sales. More than 88% of online shoppers incorporate checking online reviews into their purchase decision.


People will check Tripadvisor, Yelp, Quora, Trustpilot, Glassdoor and many other review aggregators. On top of building your brand, it is very crucial to regularly monitor what people discuss about your brand and respond to them immediately and appropriately.  Failure to manage brand reputation can damage your business because if you don’t control your image, someone else will.


Worldacquire will regularly monitor what is being discussed about your brand on global and local social platforms, as well as other media.  Our team will help you engage with your customers or prospects by owning the discussion, responding to negatives comments quickly, taking responsibility for mistakes, and understanding problems and showing willingness to solve the problem.


One tip for our readers: highlight positive reviews, encourage customers to share positive experiences and ensure these are visible when they search online. Read about America’s Most Reputable Companies In 2017.


What next?

1. Launch a new market to find out how profitable you can be abroad will be with Worldacquire.

2. Scale up your profit online through marketing automation, artificial intelligence and process improvements.

3. Make your website stand out in any country with Worldacquire‘s advanced digital, data-driven and culturally intelligent techniques.