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What we do

Worldacquire is a digital consultancy in London providing digital strategy, advertising and analytics solutions. Our core practices are Politics, Enterprise and Social impact.

Our enterprise clients include Mela Works, an app startup we helped become the fifth fastest growing SaaS company in the world in 2019. Within UN-supported programs we assisted several social impact ventures in emerging markets.

Our political practice managed election campaigns, notably leading to the 2019 landslide pro-democracy victory in Hong Kong, and built the case for political technology in Thailand. We also work with governments, think tanks and NGOs to apply digital technology, A.I. and algorithms effectively and ethically.

We build thought leadership on technology, ethics and regulation and have spoken at the United Nations IGF and the UK Parliament, as well as published research with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the German government-affiliated think tank.

Algorithms and automation can be a force for good and civil society if used correctly.