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The EU consists of 28 countries with a population of 511.8 million. Every day, EU citizens actively participate in wide range of online activities such as online shopping, banking services, social media, communicate and so on.


According to Eurostat in 2016, 85% of households in the EU had access to the internet. And in 2017, its report indicates that 68 % of internet users in the EU shopped online where 33% of online shoppers bought or ordered goods or services from sellers in other EU countries.


The EU has also created digital single policy in order to bring down the barriers online which help to boost internet economy, ensure people and companies have equal access to the web, increasing employment, economic growth and proper competition.


It can generate new opportunities for startup and allow companies to grow in a market of over 500 million people. 


As the EU sees the potential and positive impact of digital technology on the society and future, it has consistently worked on improving its regulation and framework in order to ensure the steady economic growth and equal access of opportunities for everyone.