Helping social ventures with Impact Hub and UNDP

We joined Impact Hub and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) run accelerator program teams as part of Worldacquire’s pro bono work in Cambodia.

A diverse range of young Cambodian and other Southeast Asian social entrepreneurs participated and aligned their business models with the long-term plan to reach the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) designed at the UN 2030 Agenda.

Specifically, we mentored several startup teams at the Urban Mobility Incubator with Grab, the Singapore-based ride hailing app company. Addressing the issues of increasing pollution and traffic congestion across Southeast Asian cities – including Phnom Penh – the participating startups designed both tech- and non-tech-based solutions to make their streets clean and navigable again.

Ideas ranged from schoolbus-pooling to more eco-efficient business travel services. Worldacquire provided expertise in product development, market research, early stage user testing and analytics.

We also worked extensively on established, scale-ready businesses at the Accelerate2030 program, lasting six months. The participants at this latter program were mature and viable businesses seeking to expand and/or grow internationally.

A remarkable example was a company already operating in two countries, creating a variety of consumer-oriented services that can be easily staffed by people who are physically impaired and or with disabilities.

We wish our participants at both programs all success and an impactful future, as well as thank Impact Hub and UNDP for the opportunity to share our skills and experience with all these young and inspiring world-changers.