Our client Mela Works makes Top 10 fastest growing SaaS companies list worldwide

We congratulate our client Mela Works for being the fifth fastest growing SaaS (Software as a Service) company worldwide according to the 2019 Latka 100 list, with a growth rate of +1.3K%.

Worldacquire has shaped the digital and data-driven growth strategy of Mela Works since 2018, also planning, managing and implementing its digital marketing, advertising, communications and localization in several countries, as well as conducting user testing and case studies.

Mela Works, already used by major brands like Mitsubishi, a2a and Generac, is a fieldwork collaboration app designed to reduce paperwork and boost safety and efficiency in sectors such as energy, manufacturing, construction and maintenance.

It was also used as an all-in-one tool to collect data, canvass voters, and to organize and document the 2019 Thailand election campaign of a pro-democracy candidate, also  managed by Worldacquire’s team (read the story).

Source: getlatka.com
Source: The News Lens